Popnihil number 001:

Zine folds out into 11″x17″ poster of Dark Castle. Also featured: Dolly Parton, Leonard Cohen, Moon Duo. Summer 2010. Edition of 100.

Art by Jason Brown. Words and Layouts by Matthew Moyer.

Contact matthew (at) ink19.com for an issue. Also available at Quimby’s Bookstore here.

Popnihil number 002:

Tribute to Bruce Roers. Wooden square, 5″x5″, pen and ink. Edition of 1.

Art by Jason Brown. Design and words by Matthew Moyer.

Currently unavailable.

Popnihil number 002.27:

The James Kochalka Interview.

Art by Jason Brown. Words by Matthew Moyer.

Available online from the fine folks at Ink 19 here.

Popnihil number 12.25:

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s the Popnihil Christmas Episode: Eternal Winter Wonderland. December 2010. Edition of 10. You got one if you were nice, not naughty.

Art, Words, and Layouts by Matthew Moyer. Featuring contributions from Scott Adams, Jessica Whittington, and John Waters (unwittingly).

Contact matthew (at) ink19.com for an issue.

Popnihil number 003:

Stop Me If You’ve Think That You’ve Heard This One Before: Stories Fit For A Dinner Party In Heaven. March 2011. Edition of 80.

Stories by Matthew Moyer, Duncan B. Barlow, Jessica Whittington, Robbie Frerman, Sheila Scoville, Scott Adams, Keith Marks, Keith Hayes, Chris Esposito, and Alan Justiss. Illustrations by Jason Brown.

Available March 21, 2011. Contact matthew (at) ink19.com for information.

Popnihil number 004:

PopNihil Live: A Dinner Party In Heaven! March 21, 2011. Underbelly. 1021 Park Street. Jacksonville FL.

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