pop021 – Baptizer – Futile Invocations


Futile Invocations.
Edition of 20. SOLD OUT.

“Futile Invocations is a mixture of older (around a decade old) and new material. I have mixed old and new material together before, but in this case the older material consists of tracks originally intended to be demonic in character. On one track an entirely staged invocation of Astaroth is sampled from a b-movie, whereas on another track I recorded my own literal invocation of Usiel, originally derived from the works of Heinrich Corneliua Agrippa. Since my conversion and the subsequent development of Baptizer, I had not thought of using these recordings, but as I began to form other political and religious statements in new tracks, I viewed these older invocations in a new light. In Futile Invocations, I would like the listener to consider connections between invocations of ‘lesser spirits’ and themes invoked in other tracks, such as veneration of a political leader or faith in a failing political system. People acquiesce and assign dominion to other entities everyday in our contemporary monoculture, entities that do not appear to be spiritual or occult in nature, but which might be even more destructive than an immediately recognizable symbol of evil. Beware of the authors of deception!” – Baptizer

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