Beach Party.
Forgetfulness b/w Trembling.
cassingle, two-sided.
Edition of 25.

In the cruel fooftnotes of rock history, Beach Party may go down simply as being the side project of Trenton Tarpits of the 2416. But, god, was it so much more. Tarpits and an ever-rotating group of collaborators struck a surpisingly somber note as Beach Party, combining Bauhaus and Joy Division with Jan And Dean and The Shangri-Las. Teenage deathsongs crooned by a group of malcontents clad uniformly in pink and black with white facepaint, kabukit-style. Their recorded output up to this point consisted of a sole EP on Infintesmal and then prolonged silence. This second installment in the popnihil Bootleg series brings to light wo previously unreleased Beach Party tracks: 1. Forgetfulnesss, a solo accoustic lament and 2. a live version of Trembling that was the Patient Zero moment for a whole new generation of goth music in Jacksonville.

popnihiol investigators are curently trying to unearth the long-lost Beach Party EP. Watch this space.

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