A Dinner Party In Heaven

We graciously request their honor of your presence…. To celebrate the release of popnihil n3, we’re thorwing a zine release party at Underbelly on March 21st. Reading their pieces from the new issue will be Scott Adams, Duncan B Barlow, Keith Marks, Jessica Whittington, Matthew Moyer, and Chris Esposito. Kareem Ghori and Cheyla Scantling will [...]

Popnihil 003: At last!

popnihil presents…. Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before: Stories Fit For A Dinner Party In Heaven. Six months in the making and a talented group of writers later, the issue is in the can and ready to go. Stories from Scott Adams, Duncan B. Barlow, Chris Esposito, Robbie Frerman, Keith Hayes, Alan Justiss, [...]

There Is No End To Where He Is From: Thinking Of Alan Justiss

We at Popnihil are devastated by the sudden loss of Jacksonville’s poet laureate Alan Justiss. He was incredibly supportive of this zine (he wanted two copies of the first issue for his files!) from the very beginning, and we were beyond overjoyed when he agreed to contribute a story to the newest issue. Of course [...]

Popnihil Christmas Issue

  I forgot all about posting this. So here it is, good and late, Peter Saville-style. The first ten are all gone. Email or leave a comment if you’d like one. Popnihil 12.25: The Xmas issue December 2010 Edition of 10 Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s the Popnihil Christmas Episode: Eternal Winter Wonderland. All sorts of [...]

That’s What Christmas Is All About, Charlie Brown

Popnhil 2.9999999999-666 Peanuts gang recast as the Black Metal Inner Circle circa late 90s. Corpsepaint designs based on Euronymous (Mayhem), All (Abruptum/Vondur), Abbath (Immortal), Demonaz (Immortal). Charlie Brown gang taken from CVS-exclusive Peanuts Nativity Scene. Also used: twigs, tissue paper, paint markers.

Forward Movement

New issue of Movement Magazine now available for your reading pleasure throughout Jacksonville. (First issue of 2010!) Plenty of Popnihil representation, including interviews I conducted with Sunbears! and Kevin Lee Newberry, along with reviews of new albums from the Legendary Pink Dots and the incomparable Salem. Also pay close attention to the “Flow Chart” history [...]

Cambodian Grrrl

Cambodian Grrrl: Self-Publishing in Phnom Penh Anne Elizabeth Moore When Punk Planet, the zine that longtime zinester and activist Anne Elizabeth Moore had co-edited and published for three years, closed its doors in 2007, one could be forgiven for thinking that maybe she entered into at least a short period of mourning or depression. Not [...]

Where’s Wald…. Roehrs?

Why Not Make Your Own Icons?

“Bruce Roehrs filled countless legal pads with transcendental bleurrrrrrrrgh the likes of which we’ll never know. ” (RIP) Popnihil oo2 – 1 of 1 Art by Jason Brown Words/Layouts by Matthew Moyer

Number 001

Popnihil Number 001 now available. Distribution spotty but improving. Gave one to James Kochalka and Stewart Lupton.