Zine Library: The Amish Elf

The Amish Elf by Chris Kerr You could be forgiven for taking a look at the cover and title of Chris Kerr’s minicomic and think it be A one-note joke. C’mon an Amish Elf? There’s gotta be a bad standup routine in there somewhere about oversize buggies? And yet, to his eternal credit, artist Kerr [...]

Zine: Crap Hound Vol. 4

Crap Hound Vol. 4 Edited by Sean Tejaratchi Show and Tell Press When thinking about starting your own zine, the would-be zinester will often get tripped up on where to find the right imagery. Clip art is just too tacky and generic (plus David Rees has staked that claim) , and who has the money [...]

Know Your Zine Author: Anne Elizabeth Moore

It’s pretty much impossible to sum up Anne Elizabeth Moore’s work in the zine field (and beyond) in a couple of pithy sentences. She’s written for everyone from Punk Planet to the Onion, written books, produced a seemingly neverending stream of zines, blogs regularly, and is currently working in Cambodia with young women on various [...]

Cambodian Grrrl

Cambodian Grrrl: Self-Publishing in Phnom Penh Anne Elizabeth Moore When Punk Planet, the zine that longtime zinester and activist Anne Elizabeth Moore had co-edited and published for three years, closed its doors in 2007, one could be forgiven for thinking that maybe she entered into at least a short period of mourning or depression. Not [...]

AC Dickson’s Guide to Ebay Powerselling

AC Dickson is a winner. You can tell. Just look at the picture on the cover – power stance, “Blue Steel” eyes, red polyester pants, a tie that makes no sense whatsoever…. Wait, where was I? Oh, yeah, AC Dickson is a winner. What made him a winner? Ebay. And guess what else? He’s willing [...]

Cometbus v.48

Cometbus is that most pleasing and rare phenomenon in the zine world – a long-running, (somewhat) regularly published title. Aaron Cometbus has helmed (and done most of the writing for) Cometbus since 1983. The zine is known as much for it’s distinctive aesthetic–hand-lettered, simple black and white layouts and photography–as it is for its ever-changing [...]

Broken Hipster v. 2

Broken Hipster Vol. 2 By Emiko Badillo If I hadn’t been cataloging this zine for the collection, I may well have never have read it. (I usually avoid things with the word “hipster” in the title.) I’m glad I didn’t miss out on this one. Broken Hipster is a comic perzine from Emiko Badillo, and details [...]