Ducktails – “Hamilton Road”

“Hamilton Road,” off the upcoming Ducktails album (wait for it) Ducktails III, is a hazy, sticky, candy-fueled, sunkissed ramble down tree-covered hills that wouldn’t sound outta place on a Pavement album if they weren’t too smarty-pants for their own good. It’s a countrified tangle of guitars and keyboards where the vocals strike the only mysterious note, [...]

Popnihil 2.27: The James Kochalka Interview

Interview by Matthew Moyer Art by Jason Brown In an age when mainstream superhero comics seem to be sinking back into the late ’80s/early ’90s excess that almost torpedoed the medium the first time around, the work of James Kochalka stands out like a breath of fresh, clear, enthusiastic laughter. Kochalka has been carving his [...]

Women – “Eyesore”

Starting off with an icy cold, choppy guitar riff redolent of the mighty Crescent, but sounding echoey and timeless like when you’d play your dad’s 45′s on a toy record player, the fabric of Women’s sound is so different than what the ear has been trained to expect in a time of AutoTune and ProTools. [...]

Noun – “Brother”

Screaming Females singer/guitarist Marissa Paternoster, in a move that reminds me of the “I’m bored, time to put out a record”-isms of Robert Pollard, decided to preempt the upcoming release of her full-time band Screaming Females new album by releasing a solo platter as Noun. I can’t speak to the rest of the record, but [...]

Woven Bones – “I’ve Gotta Get”

“Well when I die don’t you bury me at all/ Just nail my bones up on the wall/ Beneath these bones let these words be seen/ “This is the bloody gears of a boppin’ machine.” Every time I hear Woven Bones, I think of the Cramps “Rockin’ Bones” and how the Austin trio manifests the [...]

This Is The New Best Thing

Yes, it is. I’m not sorry to say.

Indian Jewelry – Totaled

There is, in fact, a lot of lineage behind Indian Jewelry’s sound — though they don’t seem too weighed down by it — from United States of America to Silver Apples to Suicide to the Cure to early Alien Sex Fiend (I hear a lot of prime Alien Sex Fiend in there) to Jesus and [...]

Crows X Worst

If you end up in Tokyo, and you should, hang a right at the hordes of teenage boys smoking cigarettes and playing videogames, keep walking past the life-size anime dolls, don’t linger and chat with the businessmen having a tea party with their fancy baby dolls, and it’s going to be tempting, but don’t even [...]

Hexes and Ohs – Bedroom Madness

Whereas most couples who’ve been together that long have either retreated into sullen TV-watching or are absorbed with the business of day-to-day nuclear family livin’, Hexes and Ohs spend their days and nights crafting winsome, gleaming, Rube Goldberg-esque new wave. Bedroom Madness (funny title) is redolent of New Order and the Rentals (remember them?) and Human [...]

Inferno – Black Devotion

Bursting out of the Czech Republic (love it!), Inferno crafts bruising, physically-imposing black metal akin to psychic soul brothers like Gorgoroth, Watain, and Immortal. The guitars are huge and not averse to a headbanging frenzy here and there (though not particularly beholden to thrash conventions), the drummer really shows me something, and the vocals have [...]