Cat’s Eyes – “I Knew It Was Over”

I love surprises. And Cat’s Eyes was one of those increasingly rare goooooood surprises. The duo of Rachel Zeffira, a Canadian opera soprano and classical multi-instrumentalist, and Faris Badwan, singer with THE HORRORS (godhead), do their take on Joe Meek’s attic pop, the Walker Brothers’ swoonsome “Archangel,” and the sinister lushness of Phil Spector. This [...]

Stay Sick, Knif.

  Leaving on a jet plane, gonna be humbled…

Radio Radio

Don’t. Jinx. It.

Asteroid #4 – “Ignition Slated For Eight”

Veteran space-rockers Asteroid #4 are skilled adepts of that fey/freaked-out sound pioneered by the Byrds and then taken to glorious extremes by everyone from the Brian Jonestown Massacre to Chapterhouse to Donovan. (Guitars seemingly strung with power cables, etc.) Dissipated, molten, and yet oddly courtly, this track is emblematic of all the goodness to be [...]

La Sera- “Never Come Around”

It’s fashionable, when going on hiatus from your increasingly successful thrash/dreampop band, to claim that you’re going to take some time off to work on other projects. Cue eight months of Netflix’n’Combos-fuelled vegetation and creative blockage. Kay Goodman, formerly “Kickball Katy,” apparently very much meant what she said. She’s already been involved involved in the [...]

Girls – “Heartbreaker”

Like seemingly everyone else on the planet, I couldn’t help but be charmed Girls’ (that is to say, a duo of boys) debut album, a ragged mix of the Jam’s wired brevity and Half-Japanese’s twisted-up innocence, with a wounded heart and slacker vibes aplenty.  They’ve got a new EP out in a matter of days [...]

Halloween Mix, Part 2

Second and last 8tracks-enabled Halloween mix. Beware! Tracks: The House On The Hill – The Mummies A Nightmare On My Street – DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince Haunted House – Hasil Adkins Every Day Is Halloween – Ministry Suspiria – Gobline Red Right Hand – Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Vampira – [...]

Halloween Mix, Part 1

I just now tried my hand at making a Halloween mix on the 8Tracks website. Not as many straight-up garage/novelty songs as I would have liked (a shocking paucity of songs about teenaged Draculas/Frankensteins/Wolfmen and definitely nowhere near enough odes to monster beach parties and/or sock hops), but it was still fun. Visit here if [...]

Leave The House!: George Jones

Download/Listen to: Bartender’s Blues George Jones Florida Theatre, Jacksonville, FL October 17, 2010 “Y’all going to George Jones?” the dude in the bizarrely striped shirt whooped at us. Well, yeah, why else would we be here on a Sunday? As he disappeared from view, he said, “I heard the Possum done got tore up last [...]

Bye Bye Ari

Download/Listen To The Slits So Tough You know how the first time you heard the Sex Pistols how you were expecting to hear something just totally wild and spazzy and dangerous and vomity and maybe after you heard it you were like, “Okay, it’s awesome, but  I can handle this?” Well, the Slits WERE the [...]