pop054 – Warground/Hithaeglir – Warground/Hithaeglir


Edition of 50.

Two sides worth of post-black metal, post-shoegaze, post-everything despair from these two solo projects. Warground (Canada) and Hithaeglir (Spain) craft intimate, bleak soundscapes evoking an air of quiet melancholy and ageless despair. Elements of neofolk and even Dead Can Dance’s shimmering sonic tapestries are apparent. The ambition and evolutionary progress of this album is stunning. This is the last statement from Hithaeglir, Warground (featuring a member of Suicide Forest) is just warming up.

pop052 – Woven In – Feel


Woven In.
Edition of 50.

The new full-length from Philadelphia’s (by way of Jacksonville) Mariah Johnson is another revelatory leap in dark songcraft. We are pleased to release the cassette version of Feel. chiming, postpunk and surf-influenced guitar work provides silvery support webs for Mariah’s heart-stopping moan of a voice. Not to be missed.

pop043 – Into The Thicket – Dark Night Of The Soul

Into The Thicket.
Dark Night Of The Soul.
Edition of 50.
Ritual noise and black ambience and twilit wanderings from this Jacksonville, FL, duo. Two sides of improvised ritual-musical activity making use of modified animal bones, blades, field recordings, contact mics and loop pedals. Members of Into The Thicket have collaborated with T.O.M.B. (Crucial Blast). For fans of Zero Kama and Abruptum.

pop041 – Delphic Oracle – Mirrors / Crows / Echoes

Delphic Oracle.
Mirrors / Crows / Echoes.
Edition of 50. SOLD OUT.
popnihil is incredibly proud to release new work by Christiana Key/Delphic Oracle. Formerly a member of Cult of Youth and a Zola Jesus collaborator, Key now chases her own muse on her own terms with the Delphic Oracle project. This cassette includes three new songs and a Loreena McKennitt cover. These songs evoke as much the classic 4AD sound as modern darker pop music, all with a heavy emphasis on magick and ritual. Immerse yourself. No digital component.

pop039 – Obsidian Zine



Popnihil 039: Obsidian Zine.
Photography by Rebecca Rose.
Edition of 60.
46pp. Black & White Photographs. Glossy.
$4.00. SOLD OUT.

A series of intimate black & white portraits and group shots from the “Obsidian” compilation album cover shoot. Features members of Rate Of Decay, Delphic Oracle, Encounters, Voids, Cays, V V A S E, Nora Thomas 1964, NRIII, Severed+Said, Virgin Flower, Creep City, PRZM, Floridian Winter, Veranear, Coaeval, Burnt Hair, Drungo Phillip’e. Family album of the damned. All shot with infinite patience by Rebecca Rose.

pop038 – Various Artists – Obsidian



Various Artists.
Edition of 100. SOLD OUT.
In many ways, it feels like all of the popnihil activity to date has been leading up to this. Twenty-two new tracks of dark sounds and bleak electronics from twenty Jacksonville/St. Augustine projects.

Side One
Encounters – Untitled
Delphic Oracle – Scorpio Moon
Severed+Said – Tincture
Cays – The Creek At Night
NRIII – Shut
VOIDS – Light Projector
Veranear – 11:49
Nora Thomas 1964 – Loop 1/Loop 2
Hymn-Roid – I’m Gone
V V A S E – Cylinder

Wudun – In A Hole (Live)

Side Two
Burnt Hair – Filament
Koasasa – Return To The Palm Oasis (Nothing Lasts Forever)
Creep City – Temptation
Coaeval – Hildegard
Drungo Phillip’e – 2-4
PRZM – The Life And Times Of Ecco The Dolphin
Phillip Casey Cardona – Another Path
Virgin Flower – Sobbing Member
Rate of Decay – Concertina Wire
Floridian Winter – Candy (Black Leather Remix)
Floridian Winter – The City (Black Leather Remix)

pop031 – SOS – Ancient Surfari Shindig @ The Ruins

Ancient Surfari Shindig @ The Ruins.
Edition of 20.
$5.00. SOLD OUT.

popnihil is extremely excited to present this, the sonic goodbye to Jacksonville FL from the Astral Plains Drifter himself. “Ancient Surfari Shindig” is an homage to surf music, yet through the unique SOS filter. Four track tape collages meld alternately seamlessly and insanely with guitars, sitars, and electric drums. Charlie may not surf, but yr third eye certainly will.

pop030 – Decades/Failures – February 14th

February 14th.
Edition of 50. SOLD OUT.
Saved something special for our 30th release! Black-on-black limited edition single from Richmond-based darkwave enigma. New track “February 14th” on Side A and “Everything In Black” from recent full-length “002” on Side B. This is what you listen to right before you jump out of the window.