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Warground/Hithaeglir “Warground/Hithaeglir” cs, Burnt Hair/Cold Waste “Burnt Waste” cs, Decades/Failures “GOODBY3” LP, Into The Thicket “Dark Night Of The Soul” cs.


pop054: Wargounr/Hithaeglir – “Warground/Hithaeglir” cs.
pop053: Death Domain. – “Archive” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop052: Woven In – “Feel” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop051: Burnt Hair/Cold Waste – “Burnt Waste” cs.
pop050: Elsinores. “New Forms” lp.
pop049: TBA
pop048: Burnt Hair/Ars Phoenix – “Shinju” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop047: Power Monster – “Fantasy Fracture” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop046: Virgin Flower – “Absence Of Essence” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop045: Decades/Failures – “GOODBY3” LP.
pop044: Rate)Ov(Decay – “Concertina Wire” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop043: Into The Thicket – “Dark Night Of The Soul” cs.
pop042: Mouth Mouth – “Velvet Dreams” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop041: Delphic Oracle – “Mirrors/Crows/Echoes” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop040: Paten Locke. “Dustball” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop039: “Obsidian” zine. SOLD OUT.
pop038: Various Artists – “Obsidian” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop037: ?????
pop036: “LUXURIA” Event. 6/22/2014.
pop035: Severed+Said – “Crying In Dreams” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop034: “First And Last And Always” Event. 5/24/2015.
pop033: Suicide Forest – “Possessed By The Black Arts” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop032: Woven In – “Woven In” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop031: SOS – “SOS – Ancient Surfari Shindig @ The Ruins” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop030: Decades/Failures – “February 14th” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop029: Blast And The Detergents VS. Rate)Ov(Decay – “Time Takes A Beating (Remixes)” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop028: BURNTHAIRASCETIC – “Forgotten” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop027: VVASE – “unobject” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop026: “Throwing Darts In Lovers’ Eyes” Event. 2/14/2014.
pop025: AG Davis – “DRK DUV” zine. SOLD OUT.
pop024: Jay Peele – “Singing Bowls” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop023: Crowhurst – “Total Collapse” cs.
pop022: Oubliette – “Cold Days” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop021: Baptizer – “Futile Invocations” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop020: ?????
pop019: October 2013 zine. SOLD OUT.
pop018: Virgin Flower/Baby Ghost – “Virgin Flower/Baby Ghost” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop017: Paten Locke – “Auto Reverse” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop016: Voids – “Burial In The Sky” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop015: The Mold – “The Mold” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop014: Game Show – “The Worm” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop013: Epiphanies: Vol. 1. Christian Death. SOLD OUT.
pop012: Encounters – “Rooms” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop011: Beach Party! – “Forgetfulness” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop010: Faker – “Growing Up Sleeping” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop009: AG Davis – “Blanks” cs. SOLD OUT.
pop008: “The Music Issue” zine. SOLD OUT.
pop007: Mon Cul – “Undead Frequencies” cs. SOLD OUT.
strong>pop006: Walk It Our Of Your System – The Strange Life And Sad Death Of Chris Esposito zine. SOLD OUT.
pop005: “A Dinner Party In Heaven.” 2CD/2cs. SOLD OUT.
pop004: “A Dinner Party In Heaven. Reading/Event.
pop003: “Stop Me If You Think That You’ve Heard This One Before” zine. SOLD OUT.
pop002: ?????
pop001: popnihil Zine. SOLD OUT.

Coming Soon: AG Davis zine; Virgin Flower cs (repress), Jackie Ransom cs.

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