Movement: Sewn Leather

Do you, the adventurous gig-going music fan, want something beyond just sitting in row Z57 with a bag of popcorn in your lap, numbly applauding the 14-minute bass solo still ringing in your ears?

How about when a Facebook event page grimly warns that “you might get punched in the face?”

There we go! Thursday night, Shantytown Pub in Springfield will be playing host to hardcore heroes Hoax and Lower, with electro troublemaker Sewn Leather in tow.

Hoax and Lower are the real deal, no doubt, but Sewn Leather is on a whole different trip. Sewn Leather is the performing alias of one Griffin Pyn, a young punk who exemplifies poor impulse control, with backup provided by some cassette tapes, blown-out speakers, and eternal feeedback. Which in lesser hands would equal a trainwreck, but this is like… let’s just say that at a very young age, Sewn Leather is already collecting oh-my-god-he’s-insane live anecdotes that would rival Suicide’s Alan Vega legendary locking the doors of a club with a chain so no one could flee the building.

I’ve heard that during one show in Gainesville, Pyn actually started his set by crawling in through the club’s window, mid-song, screaming all the way, or how about the time that he broke his goddamn nose while performing… and kept going!

It ain’t all spectacle either; the music’s strong stuff – pulsating electro throbs, and grooves caked in grime and dirt, overlaid with Pyn’s screams and threats. It’s going to be something else, no doubt.

Music starts around 10pm. No cover but they’re taking donations at the door, so don’t be a fucking cheapskate. Get there on time, this one looks to be a really fast show.

Originally posted to Movement Magazine.

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