Synconation: Jaap Blonk – Flux De Bouche

Okay, look, I know that there are two very distinct ways of dealing with hearing Dutch sound artist Jaap Blonk’s work for the first time.

(1.) This is a joke! This is a put-on! I could do better! (Then why aren’t you?)
(2.) Realzing that Blonk’s music is exciting and strange, but very clearly in the tradition of Kurt Schwtters (my favorite Schwitters story is when George Melly used one of Schwitters’ soundpoems to chase a mugger down the street) Yoko Ono, or even wilder and more freeform beatboxers.

Laughter can be a healthy response too at the seemingly improvised audaciousness and lunacy of Jaap Blonk; like the first time you heard Carl Stallings’ wackier cartoon music or one of Mortician’s one minute songs where the first forty seconds was a badly recorded horror movie sample and the last twenty was a gory burst of overloaded grindcore. This is truly out there stuff, and I think it deserves to be heard.

Jaap Blonk will be at MOCA on Tuesday the 27th at 7:30pm. It’s part of UNF’s stellar Cage Festival, He’s travelled a long way to perform for us. It’s free, so come down and see it for yrself, bring your garlands or your tomatoes, whichever – Jaap Blonk (or John Cage) wouldn’t have it any other way.

Originally published at Synconation.

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