Ink 19: Procedure Club Interview

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There’s something else I wanted to ask you about that — in an earlier interview, you expressed an admiration for bands like NON and Death In June?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Definitely, I was heavily, like there was a time when all I listened to was NON and Death In June. I was really sick of a lot of the stuff that was going on in the ’90s. There was really nothing that interested me musically. I was very fascinated with the sound and progression that Death In June’s music has taken from their first album or starting from Crisis (the first band that Douglas P had) on to this dark, weird world. I guess all of this sort of blends into the sound that Procedure Club has right now. It’s all sort of… I don’t think of any influences when I record. I mean, I do when it’s all done, “What does that sound like? What would this person or that person in this band or that band think?” Everyone thinks that; if they say they don’t think that, they’re lying! Everyone who records, I believe, thinks like that.

Was Procedure Club, from the beginning, envisioned by you as a duo project, or was there any thought to bring other musicians aboard?

I always thought that it would be a two-person project. The way we would play our first shows was basically just as a straight-up karaoke style show. We would have a track playing without any band, without backing vocals, and Andrea would sing. Sometimes, it was even with backing vocals, so it was awkward, very very awkward. But eventually, we came up with stripped down versions of our songs that we could perform live, just me and her. She plays keyboards and sings at the same time and I play guitar. During our tour this year in August and September we assembled a little “big band,” basically six people on stage. We had very little time to prepare it and rehearse. And eventually, for a few, few shows, we sounded pretty good, at least in San Diego! [Laughs] It worked out, but it was a part-time thing. A six-person band like the Allman Brothers!

What was your criteria for adding extra players? Did you think, “We need more guitars…”

It was basically just friends from Gape Attack (Kyle Borodkin, Peter LaCombe, Chris Keys) and Burning Yellow (Zachary King) that we met at SXSW who really wanted to play with us. We became really close friends, and we just sort of decided jokingly that one day if we go on a tour, we were going to take these four friends on the tour! So we had to accommodate these four friends on that tour. You’re going to play this! And you’re going to play that! [laughter] Whether it works or not… It really wasn’t a strategic decision. We got together, we love these people, and we wanted to be on the road together, and they’re great, and let’s play together! We’re going to have fun together. It was actually more problematic. Because when we met in Seattle — those guys are from Seattle — they learned songs, we really had problems getting these songs together, our styles are different; we only had two or three days of practicing. But overall, I was happy with it.

It changed the sound of the band quite a bit.

It did live, but it didn’t change the direction of the band. I’m not going to try and sound like that, I mean, I’m not even sure how it sounded! When you’re playing out on stage, you don’t really know how it sounds out in the audience, but I thought it was good.

When you first started playing as Procedure Club, how quickly did the sound come together?

As soon as I recorded it. The way I record, I record everything myself, and I record A LOT. And it’s basically up to Andrea whether she likes what I record or not, and she just starts singing to it or making up lyrics to it and depending on whether she likes particular style of not. So that’s how it works. It’s very simple — I record a song, and she sings over it. Sometimes we do it over a distance, she used to live in New Jersey for a really long time. So I would send her a WAV file, she would get it and record over it and send me the whole song, That’s pretty much how a lot of the songs on Doomed Forever were recorded.

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