There Is No End To Where He Is From: Thinking Of Alan Justiss

We at Popnihil are devastated by the sudden loss of Jacksonville’s poet laureate Alan Justiss. He was incredibly supportive of this zine (he wanted two copies of the first issue for his files!) from the very beginning, and we were beyond overjoyed when he agreed to contribute a story to the newest issue. Of course [...]

Zine Library: The Amish Elf

The Amish Elf by Chris Kerr You could be forgiven for taking a look at the cover and title of Chris Kerr’s minicomic and think it be A one-note joke. C’mon an Amish Elf? There’s gotta be a bad standup routine in there somewhere about oversize buggies? And yet, to his eternal credit, artist Kerr [...]

Ink 19: Procedure Club Interview

Download: Feel Sorry For Me There’s something else I wanted to ask you about that — in an earlier interview, you expressed an admiration for bands like NON and Death In June? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Definitely, I was heavily, like there was a time when all I listened to was NON and Death In June. [...]

Cat’s Eyes – “I Knew It Was Over”

I love surprises. And Cat’s Eyes was one of those increasingly rare goooooood surprises. The duo of Rachel Zeffira, a Canadian opera soprano and classical multi-instrumentalist, and Faris Badwan, singer with THE HORRORS (godhead), do their take on Joe Meek’s attic pop, the Walker Brothers’ swoonsome “Archangel,” and the sinister lushness of Phil Spector. This [...]

Library Journal: The Class of 2011

Still not fired? How can this be? If you thought 2010 was a good year for music, then, baby, you’re going to love 2011. To the relief of major label rec­ord execs stressing over their bottom line, heavy hitters like Lil’ Wayne, Lady Gaga, U2, R.E.M., and The Cars all have new releases slated for [...]

Library Journal: Best Music of 2010

Am I fired? I have to be fired…. Everyone from The Roots to MGMT released great records in 2010, so I rightfully expect a torrent of abuse and/or head-scratching in response to my selections of the year’s top albums. That said, and of course taking into account the unique needs and preferences of your user [...]