Ink 19: Slayer – War at the Warfield/Still Reigning/Live Intrusion

The highlights for this reviewer were in the little, sublime details: Dave Lombardo’s double-bass clinic during the break in “Angel of Death,” Jeff Hanneman’s whammy bar abuse on EVERY SINGLE SOLO, being able to hear Tom Araya’s bass for the first time… And, oh yeah, the fucking rainstorm wall of blood! This, of course, leads to the finest visual of the affair, that of a blood-soaked, crimson Tom Araya headbanging viciously, blood spraying wildly from long, matted tendrils of hair. The staging of the show is a masterpiece of economy — no banter, no encore, no extraneous musicianship, the bare essentials of an expert performance. This is the kind of stuff that makes people want to form bands, burn churches, etc… a muse well spent.

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