Ink 19: Controlled Bleeding – “Penetration”

This album, released in 1992, saw Controlled Bleeding get seriously fucking funky! (Don’t worry, it still drips with distortion and martial beats.) Leader Paul Lemos (an NYC high school English teacher by day!), behemoth vocalist Joe Papa (the Crokus Behemoth of industrial music), and Chris Moriarty (percussion), crafted a harsh but eminently danceable hybrid of industrial noise and freestyle dance, where horns and Prince-referencing guitar riffs give way to teethgrinding distorted vocals and overloaded circuits. Penetration was the apotheosis of this sound, and a perfect primer to this band. The album gets even stranger at the very end, with the earbleeding white noise of “Scrap Metal (Part 3)” giving way to the dramatic, choral “Awakened Beneath the Ground.” Soon after, Controlled Bleeding would move on from this more “commercial” (their words!) sound…

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