Ink 19: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Before Today”

Download: Round and Round Like Sebadoh or Daniel Johnston, an Ariel Pink album is still a grab-bag of weirdo goodness, but whereas the contents of the Sebadoh bag were “ARGH! SELF FLAGELLATION! OUTER LIMITS!!,” Ariel Pink’s albums are more of an experience of music through shared memory, an attempt to (re)create your own popular culture [...]

Ink 19: Killing Joke – “Absolute Dissent”

And as good (and it is very fucking good) as the music is, half of the fun of Killing Joke is the batshit insane stunts they pull. I’m talking about vocalist Jaz Coleman (also a classical composer and radical ecologist), Youth, and Geordie Walker fleeing to Iceland to wait out the apocalypse when they became [...]

Ink 19: Until the Light Takes Us

The twin Janus faces of black metal are best represented by the dual innovators interviewed at length for this film: Fenriz from Darkthrone and Varg Viknernes (Count Grisnacht) from Burzum. Each of these bands had a major role in defining the black metal aesthetic as we now know it through classic albums like Transylvanian Hunger [...]

Stay Sick, Knif.

  Leaving on a jet plane, gonna be humbled…

Ink 19: Sun Araw – Off Duty/Boat Trip

  Download: Last Chants Back to the beach, everyone! Col. Kilgore is gonna make it righteous with some noise and color the likes of which you’ve never seen before! Cameron Stallones was once part of the precocious Pocahunted collective, that also helped nurture the equally precocious Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast. But now he’s wandered [...]

Ink 19: Slayer – War at the Warfield/Still Reigning/Live Intrusion

The highlights for this reviewer were in the little, sublime details: Dave Lombardo’s double-bass clinic during the break in “Angel of Death,” Jeff Hanneman’s whammy bar abuse on EVERY SINGLE SOLO, being able to hear Tom Araya’s bass for the first time… And, oh yeah, the fucking rainstorm wall of blood! This, of course, leads [...]

Ink 19: Controlled Bleeding – “Penetration”

This album, released in 1992, saw Controlled Bleeding get seriously fucking funky! (Don’t worry, it still drips with distortion and martial beats.) Leader Paul Lemos (an NYC high school English teacher by day!), behemoth vocalist Joe Papa (the Crokus Behemoth of industrial music), and Chris Moriarty (percussion), crafted a harsh but eminently danceable hybrid of [...]

Popnihil Christmas Issue

  I forgot all about posting this. So here it is, good and late, Peter Saville-style. The first ten are all gone. Email or leave a comment if you’d like one. Popnihil 12.25: The Xmas issue December 2010 Edition of 10 Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s the Popnihil Christmas Episode: Eternal Winter Wonderland. All sorts of [...]

Zine: Crap Hound Vol. 4

Crap Hound Vol. 4 Edited by Sean Tejaratchi Show and Tell Press When thinking about starting your own zine, the would-be zinester will often get tripped up on where to find the right imagery. Clip art is just too tacky and generic (plus David Rees has staked that claim) , and who has the money [...]

Ink !9: Motorhead in the Studio

Motorhead in the Studio. By Jake Brown Trafalgar Square Download: Motorhead – “Motorhead” There are some mindboggling compositional gambits in these pages. You know you’re in trouble when each chapter is padded with lengthy excerpts of reviews from magazines like Billboard and Rolling Stone and interviews from fansites. Why was this necessary? Are you telling [...]