The New Christmas Canon, pt. 4

Racing against time now, enjoy!

Puppini Sisters
Last Christmas
Santa Baby
Verve Records

Verve(!) recording artists the Puppini Sisters are doing kind of a sultry Andrews Sisters 2K thing. The verdict isn’t in yet whether they’re a one-note riff or not, but their take on Wham’s “Last Christmas” is authentic enough for a 1940s cabaret show, and it’s hard to go wrong with “Santa Baby” so, yeah, this is great Christmas mixtape fodder.

Download: Last Christmas
Download: Santa Baby

Bewitched Hands
Christmas Tree

This holiday 7″ single by French psychedelic-folk army Bewitched Hands begins on a woozy, “Welcome Christmas” (from the Grinch cartoon) note, before metamorphosizing into a sunshiney pop song. A little too Flaming Lips for my tastes, but not bad. Pass for now.

Download: Christmas Tree

Brie Stoner
Silent Night
iTunes exclusive

I dig the understated instrumentation–glockenspiel and beyond-minimal one-string guitar–but her voice… Man, Chan Marshall has a lot to answer for.

Download: Silent Night

Golden Filter
White Nights

Oh wait, what now? Golden Filter blow me away by having their holiday contribution be an elegiac cover of Psychic TV’s “White Nights,” a song about the Jonestown Massacre (a subject of particular interest to PTV frontman Genesis P’Orridge). A+ for  concept! And the song itself is beautiful creepy and wintry, jinglebells and silverbells used to evil intent, and a narcoleptic chorus of “Santa Claus is checking his list/Going over it twice” (a favorite Jim Jones line). Getting to the download is a pain in the ass, so… coal and spiders in your stocking this year!

Download: White Nights

Girl In A Coma
Blue Christmas
Blackheart Records

Sassy, low-key, cowpunk cover of this lonely hearts’ Xmas chestnut, Girl In A Coma clearly took their cues from seminal takes by Elvis Presley and Hasil Adkins. The performance is generic, and they really don’t leave a lasting stamp on the song. Even Low’s version is loads better.

Download: Blue Christmas

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