The New Christmas Canon, pt. 2: Target Edition

Target’s gone and hunted themselves some cool this Christmas. They’ve stacked this free, downloadable holiday album with a whole lotta buzz. Most of it is terrible (although Jason Schwartzman’s contribution is good stuff), so let’s skip to the two big hightlights.

Best Coast/Wavves
Got Something For You

Nothing says “Yes, We’re a couple this Christmas” like appearing on a big-box retailer holiday comp. Lo-fi scuzz and weed jokes are nowhere to be found, but the song is surprisingly sweet-natured and sincere. Wavves lets Best Coast take the lead here, and it’s all the better for it, and I dig the silver bells at the end. (Apparently they’re kicking up a bit of a fuss right now? Thank god I don’t keep up.)

Download: Got Something for You

“Toy Jackpot”

My god. Ridiculously awesome, both in lyrical content and sonic execution. Over a tense, urgent beat/horn sample — almost 007-esque — the MC remembers what it was like to be a kid during those last few hours before Christmas morning, full of nervous anticipation to start ripping open boxes of goodness. Lyric of choice: “Look at all of these toys/I’m surrounded/Toys galore/My own toy store!”

Download: Toy Jackpot

Or just get the whole goddamn comp here.

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  1. The Lost Christmas Eve says:

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  2. jessica says:

    you do keep up, don’t lie!

  3. jessica says:

    p.s you should totally post a disney trip picture here!

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