Working on an interview with Dylan Carlson of the might Earth for the Ghettoblaster mag. Not much time for anything else. Except, maybe, a small preview… The band I was in before I started doing Earth… I mean, I was always a big fan of the Melvins. They were my favorite band in the area [...]

Merry Xmas Everybody!

Not enough time to post music – hopefully a grab bag of videos will suffice. And not in the same way that an Xmas stocking full of shaving cream, deodorant and batteries is supposed to suffice… First up is the WGN holiday kids’ staple “Hardrock Coco and Joe” – sublime in its supremely weird handmade [...]

The New Christmas Canon, pt. 5

Coming towards the end, today we we some New Orleans jazz, a New Wave survivor, some earnest indie lads, and a whole album full of chilly instrumentals. And yet no Johnny Mathis, what’s wrong with me? Kermit Ruffins A Saints Christmas Trumpeter (and star of the HBO show Treme), gives us a jazzy shuffle that [...]

The New Christmas Canon, pt. 4

Racing against time now, enjoy! Puppini Sisters Last Christmas Santa Baby Verve Records Verve(!) recording artists the Puppini Sisters are doing kind of a sultry Andrews Sisters 2K thing. The verdict isn’t in yet whether they’re a one-note riff or not, but their take on Wham’s “Last Christmas” is authentic enough for a 1940s cabaret [...]

That’s What Christmas Is All About, Charlie Brown

Popnhil 2.9999999999-666 Peanuts gang recast as the Black Metal Inner Circle circa late 90s. Corpsepaint designs based on Euronymous (Mayhem), All (Abruptum/Vondur), Abbath (Immortal), Demonaz (Immortal). Charlie Brown gang taken from CVS-exclusive Peanuts Nativity Scene. Also used: twigs, tissue paper, paint markers.

The New Christmas Canon, pt. 3

Let the (non) countdown continue! Jenny O Prettiest Little Present Chirpy songstress Jenny O is pushing the ol’ holiday button pretty hard this year with this, her second self-penned holiday single this year. (She’s also on the infamous Target “Holiday Gig” digital compilation. ) True to form, this is an improbably buoyant slice of folky [...]

Know Your Zine Author: Anne Elizabeth Moore

It’s pretty much impossible to sum up Anne Elizabeth Moore’s work in the zine field (and beyond) in a couple of pithy sentences. She’s written for everyone from Punk Planet to the Onion, written books, produced a seemingly neverending stream of zines, blogs regularly, and is currently working in Cambodia with young women on various [...]

The New Christmas Canon, pt. 2: Target Edition

Target’s gone and hunted themselves some cool this Christmas. They’ve stacked this free, downloadable holiday album with a whole lotta buzz. Most of it is terrible (although Jason Schwartzman’s contribution is good stuff), so let’s skip to the two big hightlights. Best Coast/Wavves Got Something For You Nothing says “Yes, We’re a couple this Christmas” like appearing [...]

The New Christmas Canon, pt. 1

Well, not really. But I’m going to post as many NEW Christmas one-off singles and digital releases as I can, and see if they hold up to classics from the likes of Bing Crosby and/or Hasil Adkins and/or James Brown. (All of whom I like.) Commence with the festivities….. Deer Tick Chrstmas All Summer Long [...]

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