Movement Magazine: Salem / Legendary Pink Dots

Salem King Night IamSound Look, at this year’s annual Popnihil staff retreat, ALL we listened to was Salem’s King Night. David Bowie’s Station To Station even got the boot, just so we could listen to the viscous, murky “Frost” one more time. Pay no mind to any of the online fuss behind kicked up about whether [...]

Asteroid #4 – “Ignition Slated For Eight”

Veteran space-rockers Asteroid #4 are skilled adepts of that fey/freaked-out sound pioneered by the Byrds and then taken to glorious extremes by everyone from the Brian Jonestown Massacre to Chapterhouse to Donovan. (Guitars seemingly strung with power cables, etc.) Dissipated, molten, and yet oddly courtly, this track is emblematic of all the goodness to be [...]

Movement Magazine: The Kevin Lee Newberry Interview

Making this available for out-of-towners. Jacksonville residents should track down the real thing in full-color glory  from magazine kiosks, dark corners, and generally underfoot. Jacksonville-based singer/songwriter Kevin Lee Newberry is the real thing. He plays and records his music– music that recalls the lowest depths of Townes Van Zandt, Mark Kozalek, Neil Young, Lou Barlow/Eric [...]

La Sera- “Never Come Around”

It’s fashionable, when going on hiatus from your increasingly successful thrash/dreampop band, to claim that you’re going to take some time off to work on other projects. Cue eight months of Netflix’n’Combos-fuelled vegetation and creative blockage. Kay Goodman, formerly “Kickball Katy,” apparently very much meant what she said. She’s already been involved involved in the [...]

Forward Movement

New issue of Movement Magazine now available for your reading pleasure throughout Jacksonville. (First issue of 2010!) Plenty of Popnihil representation, including interviews I conducted with Sunbears! and Kevin Lee Newberry, along with reviews of new albums from the Legendary Pink Dots and the incomparable Salem. Also pay close attention to the “Flow Chart” history [...]

Girls – “Heartbreaker”

Like seemingly everyone else on the planet, I couldn’t help but be charmed Girls’ (that is to say, a duo of boys) debut album, a ragged mix of the Jam’s wired brevity and Half-Japanese’s twisted-up innocence, with a wounded heart and slacker vibes aplenty.  They’ve got a new EP out in a matter of days [...]

Prince Rama – “Shadow Temple”

Now, I wouldn’t expect the trio of musicians in Prince Rama to own a large chunk of the Projekt Records’ early back catalog — they were probably too young — but Prince Rama’s music is subconsciously reminiscent of a particular strand of early ’90s tribal Gothic music. Faith and the Muse, Mors Syphilitica, Lycia, This [...]

Trees – “Freed Of This Flesh”

And what is Trees’ sound exactly? It’s a sickened hesitation, the clenched night-terror panic when you’re trying to breathe or talk and no air will enter your lungs. It’s nausea and indecision, a primal shriek. Trees’ songs are decentralized, nonlinear affairs that bring to mind free music as much as winter, but without any chance [...]

The Fall – “Your Future, Our Clutter”

Like Suicide’s Alan Vega, like Lee “Scratch” Perry, like Motorhead’s Lemmy, Smith is the eternal artist/provocateur, giving up the trappings of commercial comfort to keep pushing and pushing when peers gave up, got fat, or even worse, got fucking boring. And though the Fall fans are constantly tested by Smith’s mercurial working and “promoting” methods, [...]

Women- “Public Stain”

Public Stain, the debut album from Canada’s Women, sounds like listening to old 45s on a cheapo record player. There’s a certain mystique in the sonics of this record — a distant, cavernous, thick, noir atmosphere that becomes as crucial as the instruments/tools used to create the actual music. I thought at first that the [...]