Halloween Mix, Part 2

Second and last 8tracks-enabled Halloween mix. Beware! Tracks: The House On The Hill – The Mummies A Nightmare On My Street – DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince Haunted House – Hasil Adkins Every Day Is Halloween – Ministry Suspiria – Gobline Red Right Hand – Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Vampira – [...]

Halloween Mix, Part 1

I just now tried my hand at making a Halloween mix on the 8Tracks website. Not as many straight-up garage/novelty songs as I would have liked (a shocking paucity of songs about teenaged Draculas/Frankensteins/Wolfmen and definitely nowhere near enough odes to monster beach parties and/or sock hops), but it was still fun. Visit here if [...]

Leave The House!: George Jones

Download/Listen to: Bartender’s Blues George Jones Florida Theatre, Jacksonville, FL October 17, 2010 “Y’all going to George Jones?” the dude in the bizarrely striped shirt whooped at us. Well, yeah, why else would we be here on a Sunday? As he disappeared from view, he said, “I heard the Possum done got tore up last [...]

Bye Bye Ari

Download/Listen To The Slits So Tough You know how the first time you heard the Sex Pistols how you were expecting to hear something just totally wild and spazzy and dangerous and vomity and maybe after you heard it you were like, “Okay, it’s awesome, but  I can handle this?” Well, the Slits WERE the [...]

Gong: “Glad To Sad To Say”

Download/Listen: Glad To Sad To Say I woulda bought the damn thing just for the cover. Those showroom-sleek BYG graphics and minimalist design, framing a dreamy, ethereal portrait of Daevid Allen (or was that Gili Smyth even, they had that androgynous Keith Richards/Anita Pallenberg thing going) staring off into the distance, guitar neck pointed straight [...]

Cambodian Grrrl

Cambodian Grrrl: Self-Publishing in Phnom Penh Anne Elizabeth Moore When Punk Planet, the zine that longtime zinester and activist Anne Elizabeth Moore had co-edited and published for three years, closed its doors in 2007, one could be forgiven for thinking that maybe she entered into at least a short period of mourning or depression. Not [...]

Leave the House!: Cocorosie

Cocorosie The Social, Orlando, FL September 25, 2010 I mean, these days as a paying customer you expect a show, but you don’t really expect A SHOW. You don’t expect a beatboxer, a funky soulful keyboard player, a miniature harp, a harmonium, costume changes, booty dancing, hip hop beats clashing with eternail appalachia, glitter thrown [...]

Leave The House!: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan and His Band. Leon County Civic Center, Tallahassee. October 10, 2010. If a performer past “a certain age” is touring, usually the first lamentation you hear from the critics is that his “voice is shot.” Neil Young? His voice is shot. Willie Nelson? Man, his voice is shot. Rob Halford? He can’t hit [...]

Morrissey – “Speedway”

So, Happy Birthday to me. There are a lot of things that people do in the midst of a mid-life crisis. Maybe they pose dramatically in a graveyard with a statue of their childhood idol, maybe they’ll force their band to naked be photographed naked with strategically placed 7″ records, hell they might just sit [...]

Bambara – “Repeat After Me”

Athens drone fiends Bambara, though clearly owing a debt to Spacemen 3/Spiritualized, are less Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space and more “Oh my god, that Sputnik Satellite just crash landed to Earth and hit a bus full of senior citizens!” Shoegazing bliss is run through with a healthy dose of primitive industrial [...]