Crystal Stilts – “Magnetic Moon”

Although I received crushing news this summer that Crystal Stilts were increasingly “phoning it in” during their live shows and, even worse, their itinerant drummer Frankie Rose bolted the band for her own thing, I couldn’t help but be buoyed by the news that the band were releasing a new single for Slumberland this fall. And what a single will be!

Title track “Shake The Shackles” finds the band highwire tense and speeding out of their mind on this deftly stepping number. Seemingly just one tightly wound verse that chimes and jangles with sinster intent. “Magnetic Moon” sounds like Ian Curtis reincarnated as a leather clad Gene Vincent grandly holding court amidst top-of-the-line “Rumble” referencing goth noir. The organ alone sounds like icy fingers around your neck.

Listen to “Shake The Shackles.”

Listen to “Magnetic Moon.”

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