Encoffination – “Eucharist of Bone and Flame”


On this track from their new album <i>Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh</i>, death/doom duo Encoffination (Ghoat on vocals, guitar, and bass and Elektrokutioner on drums ? I already love it.) churn up creeping sheets of metallic sickness. Like foreathers Autopsy, Incantation or even Mortician (if their songs were slowed down from 37 seconds to 6 minutes), Encoffination sound pained and lo-fi, seemingly bathed in an itchy brown-red light.  The vocals are a total gutteral vomit (so low in fact, that I first I couldn’t figure out if it was feedback rumble or words), the guitars are this wonderful downward plunge where you can almost hear the guitar detuning as each note is struck, the drums in contrast, are booming and monolithic. This album was originally issued on cassette, which makes perfect sense. This is cultest of the cult type stuff.

Download “Eucharist of Bone and Flame

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