Second Version Before Third

Become a Chinese Dragon on someone’s wood floorboards, whistle through the graveyard with wildflowers, collect all the fucked up children for a hootenanny, aerobic noise attack the pizza parlor, burn down buildings like Einsturzende Neubauten, I give you…

Women – “Eyesore”

Starting off with an icy cold, choppy guitar riff redolent of the mighty Crescent, but sounding echoey and timeless like when you’d play your dad’s 45′s on a toy record player, the fabric of Women’s sound is so different than what the ear has been trained to expect in a time of AutoTune and ProTools. [...]

Wild Nothing – “Chinatown”

Two things that never usually happen to me just kinda happened that sweltering July day. (Well, three if you count the fact that I actually found my way around without getting lost ALL AFTERNOON!) First off, I wander into Red Onion Records in Washington DC and they’re playing something I actually dig over the sound [...]

Noun – “Brother”

Screaming Females singer/guitarist Marissa Paternoster, in a move that reminds me of the “I’m bored, time to put out a record”-isms of Robert Pollard, decided to preempt the upcoming release of her full-time band Screaming Females new album by releasing a solo platter as Noun. I can’t speak to the rest of the record, but [...]

Burn Your Playhouse Down

Congratulions to the Possum, George Jones, for getting inducted into the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame. Listen, no one can belt out a country weeper like George Jones. Not Gram Parsons, not yer Merle Haggard. Hell, he burrows into the everyday traumas and banalities of romantic dissolution with a flair for the dramatic (and [...]

Woven Bones – “I’ve Gotta Get”

“Well when I die don’t you bury me at all/ Just nail my bones up on the wall/ Beneath these bones let these words be seen/ “This is the bloody gears of a boppin’ machine.” Every time I hear Woven Bones, I think of the Cramps “Rockin’ Bones” and how the Austin trio manifests the [...]

The Fall – “Glam Racket”

Mark E. Smith seethes and slurs ultra-pissy hate mail to flavor of the week Brit Poppers on this late-90s live cut (“You hog the bathroom/And never put your hand in your pocket” and “In fact you’re a half-wit from somewhere or other” are some of the best bon-mots), backed by a strident, strutting groove that splits the [...]

Words of Advice: William S. Burroughs on the Road

By the 1980s, Burroughs, finally returned to the US from decades of travel in Tangiers, Paris and London, was ensconced in the so-called Bunker in New York and began writing again, working on his Last Trilogy. It was at this point that Burroughs realized that the real money was in readings, performances, and lecture tours, [...]

Why Not Make Your Own Icons?

“Bruce Roehrs filled countless legal pads with transcendental bleurrrrrrrrgh the likes of which we’ll never know. ” (RIP) Popnihil oo2 – 1 of 1 Art by Jason Brown Words/Layouts by Matthew Moyer

Haunted George – “Weeks In A Casket”

So yeah, what the hell is Hasil Adkins, reincarnated as Tim McGraw, doing playing Cramps homages behind heavily fortified chicken wire? Why don’t you ask him?