Procedure Club – “Feel Sorry For Me”

Finally! I’ve been kinda draggin’ this week, feelin’ sorry for myself, pretendin’ to read the same five pages of the same book over and over again, lookin’ blankly ahead, not even keepin’ my ears open for new music. (Took solace in old standbys like Beach House’s first album and a Christian Death retrospective.) But then [...]

This Is The New Best Thing

Yes, it is. I’m not sorry to say.

Indian Jewelry – Totaled

There is, in fact, a lot of lineage behind Indian Jewelry’s sound — though they don’t seem too weighed down by it — from United States of America to Silver Apples to Suicide to the Cure to early Alien Sex Fiend (I hear a lot of prime Alien Sex Fiend in there) to Jesus and [...]

The Beatin’s – A Little Give And Take

Everyone needs their self-destructive icons, but what complicates this is that every few years Stewart Lupton releases some music or some writings that are just too fucking good. (See, you all got it wrong, Lupton’s more like a George Jones or a Sonic Boom, a musician who works at his own pace, oblivious to the [...]

Crows X Worst

If you end up in Tokyo, and you should, hang a right at the hordes of teenage boys smoking cigarettes and playing videogames, keep walking past the life-size anime dolls, don’t linger and chat with the businessmen having a tea party with their fancy baby dolls, and it’s going to be tempting, but don’t even [...]

This Is My Body, Given For You

God! Noise duo The Body begin their album with a haunting vocal piece from the Assembly of Light Choir and it only gets fucking scarier than ever. This is doom the way it was meant to be, fucked-up, unearthly, itchy, and weird. Good in the way that Khanate and Sunn0)))’s last album is. Fuzz, filth, [...]

Twilight – Monument to the Time End

Argh! Not “that” Twilight! It’s a sad fucking turn of events when one of the most exciting bands in American black metal — a bona fide supergroup — is also one of the most unfortunately named. It’s certainly not the fault of Wrest (Leviathan, Lurker of Chalice), N. Imperial (Krieg, N.I.L.) or Blake Judd (Nachtmystium); [...]

Superf*ckers: Collected Edition

Superf*ckers is a raunchy, dark as fuck, proudly toilet-humorrific takedown of every superhero team going: Avengers, Justice League, Teen Titans, Superfriends, X-Men — no one is spared. And it all springs from the unlikeliest of pens. James Kochalka! James Kochalka??? Of the warmhearted American Elf diary comics, the ridiculously cute Johnny Boo and the laffs [...]

That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

Martin Rev vapor trail organ simmers simmers sound of the city static roar. Martin Rev stick-figure Lou Reed in leather who never grew up but kept a threadbare hope alive. Martin Rev virtuoso stripping music down to one finger of keyboard and erratic heartbeat. Martin Rev here shackled to a not-very-good pop star on an [...]

Visions of Gospel

Sister Rosetta Tharpe. The Gospel of the Blues. The electric guitar slingin’, testifying’ Sister Rosetta Tharpe delivered the Good Word with bluesy passion and grit in churches and blues clubs alike. Her music spread beyond the faithful and she’s influenced everyone from Little Richard to Elvis Presley. Ahem, and she fucking shreds like Poison Ivy. Various Artists. [...]