Gayngs – Cry

Ryan Olsen’s Gayngs project is gonna make him one of the more notorious personages in Minneapolis music this side o’ Prince. Visualizing an unholy melange of 10cc, “Careless Whisper,” Massive Attack, “Lady in Red,” Sade, and This Mortal Coil, Olsen gathered together the proverbial all-star cast (including members of Solid Gold, Bon Iver, and the Rosebuds) to prevent this project from being just another “What if we all just…” pipe dreams hatched during a frenetic night spinning records in someone’s living room. And the ensuing record, Relayted, is so fucking louche and smooth, man, it’s almost to Crowleyesque levels of smoothness and lushness. Check out the video for “Cry,” and then listen to the mp3 below of the goddamn epic “Gaudy Side of Town.” Dimly restaurants in big cities at 3am now have their new anthem.

Listen to “Gaudy Side of Town.”

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