Number 001

Popnihil Number 001 now available. Distribution spotty but improving. Gave one to James Kochalka and Stewart Lupton.

Darkthrone – Circle The Wagons

The corpsepaint, the occult themes and nature worship taken to gonzoid extremes, the unrelenting wall of chilling bleakness — it was all Darthrone. Fittingly, they didn’t give a fuck. Since their epochalTransylvanian Hunger, Darkthrone’s career has been one long withdrawal from society’s rules (hell, metal’s rules), drawing a line in the sand demarcating what is [...]

AC Dickson’s Guide to Ebay Powerselling

AC Dickson is a winner. You can tell. Just look at the picture on the cover – power stance, “Blue Steel” eyes, red polyester pants, a tie that makes no sense whatsoever…. Wait, where was I? Oh, yeah, AC Dickson is a winner. What made him a winner? Ebay. And guess what else? He’s willing [...]

Rykarda Parasol – For Blood and Wine

She casts her tales of deceit and devotion over a backdrop of lonesome Americana and Bad Seeds-esque cabaret that, while a lush and evocative vehicle for her postcards from the edge, are a little too derivative of Nocturama-era Bad Seeds or Tindersticks to really lift the material to the necessary level of transcendence. So it’s perfectly [...]

MGMT – Congratulations

Never, ever fucking doubt Sonic Boom. Just don’t. Why oh why, we all wondered, is the dark magus behind Spacemen 3 and Spectrum and motherfucking E.A.R. lurking around in California with those nice, young New England boys MGMT? What good can possibly come of this? Five seconds of Congratulations settles every single one of those [...]

Small Black – Bad Lover

We’re on a roll here! New York trio Small Black, to these damaged ears, are in a similar vein to ARE Weapons, treasuring the incidental noise and feedback beauty that can come from cheap electronics. But the Black’s sound is way more informed by overplayed and warped cassettes of Ride’s Nowhere and Verve’s A Storm [...]

A.R.E. Weapons – The Darker Blue Trilogy

“Fuck yeah! You fucking punks are lucky!” – Bruce Roehrs I’ve been belatedly turned on to writer Bruce Roehrs, and I’m in the process of digesting his collected works. But every time I look over one of his old Maximum Rock N’ Roll columns, the music that runs through my head isn’t the Oi or [...]

Make Your Own Pictures

Popnihil number one – available very soon.

Mondo Cane – Il Cielo In Una Stanza

When I was reading metal magazines in the early Nineties, and every interview with Mike Patton had him enthusing about shit-eating videos, obscure Earache Records grindcore, and how Axl Rose is going bald, about the last thing that would ever have crossed my mind was, “Geez, this guy has the potential to be a cross [...]

These New Puritans – Hidden

Hell, start the album with a beyond moody string-and-horns movement called “Time Xone.” (“Canticle” breaks up the album along similar lines. Fascinating.) Fuck the rock n’ roll, man. “Three Thousand” is this fucking amazing hybrid of Suicide’s madness, hip hop swagger, and lush Gothic fatalism with the drumbeat alone! Next up is a John Cale-ish/Steve [...]