Black Tambourine – For Ex-Lovers Only

Black Tambourine “For Ex-Lovers Only” from Slumberland Records on Vimeo.

Here is some elusive Super-8 footage of Black Tambourine in their late Eighties heyday, whipping up ramshackle storms of sugar-sweet noise and feedback. These few minutes of film – chopped and restructured into a New Order-esque promotional vid – were among the many archival treasures unearthed while putting together the stellar <i>Black Tambourine</i> collected edition. Did someone say Suicide cover? Yes, in fact.

Pay particular attention to the stand-up drumming (all drummers should be required to play this way), Pam Berry’s stellar hair, and the overriding impression that this might be one of the most endearingly awkward-looking beat combos  since early Half Japanese.

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