Black Tambourine – For Ex-Lovers Only

Black Tambourine “For Ex-Lovers Only” from Slumberland Records on Vimeo. Here is some elusive Super-8 footage of Black Tambourine in their late Eighties heyday, whipping up ramshackle storms of sugar-sweet noise and feedback. These few minutes of film – chopped and restructured into a New Order-esque promotional vid – were among the many archival treasures [...]

Place To Bury Strangers – Ego Death

To commemorate the final stretch of a lengthy tour, dronefiends A Place To Bury Strangers released “Ego Death” as a single - an ace number that splits the difference between the tense Sonic-Book-spoken word bit intro of  ”Revolution,” before letting loose with extreme rifferema and a white-noise “chorus” worthy of the Mary Chain. They even filmed a [...]

Frankie Teardrop

We’re all Frenkie! Admit it, sometimes when you’re listening to Frank Sinatra it’s a little tough to believe that he MEANS it the way that Billie Holiday meant it, that Scott Walker meant, that Little Jimmy Scott meant it. He can be singing the most brokenhearted pledges of love, but his confident delivery makes it [...]

Indian Jewelry

The best thing I’ve heard all week…. …is built around a pounding drum machine beat that I was “this” close to coming up with at 2am a few nights ago, the type that the Mary Chain excelled in. From there it gets all weirdly minimal and murderous, simple undulating electronics, phased guitar hum and a [...]

White Hinterland – Kairos

It’s inscrutable and incredibly transparent all at once, with often only atmospheric synth chords and the whipcrack of a mechanical snare drum accompanying her voice, her vocals doubletracked or tripletracked to harmonize with herself like a company of wolves. The best part is the electronics; the synths and Casios and rudimentary drum machines are all [...]

Harlem – Hippies

I like how Harlem pulls off the whole, “not even fucking trying too hard thing” almost conscientiously, staying true garage rock believers in the pop and hiss and muffled guitar chime, but adding twists and turns and essential weirdness. To that end, they throw in bits of Daniel Johnston earnestness, splashes of doo wop inspired [...]

School of Seven Bells – Alpinisms

It’s in the middle of the first rushing, sighing, wordless chorus of “Iamundernodisguise,” all heavily treated waves of backmasked guitar and electronics and female vocal undulations, that you realize there are such things as happy endings in (icky) rock and roll. Case in point: Benjamin Curtis, tired of doing time in perennially shoulda-been-huge rock band-of-brothers [...]

Toro y Moi – Causers of This

“Is that Billy Ocean you’re listening to?” came the question, equal parts derisive and curious. No, no, no way, old man. (Can I even say that when the dude is just five years older than me?) No more than you could say that Neon Indian is Spandau Ballet. Now Toro Y Moi is not averse [...]