Civilization – Civilization

Recently opining late last year that there weren’t all that many duos making their name in doom/sludge music, I was promptly disproven by excellent albums from the likes of Eagle Twin, Black Cobra and Dark Castle. Now Jacksonville’s long-running sadness engine Civilization has added their own two cents into that rapidly multiplying sub-sub-genre with their [...]

Bastard Noise/Endless Blockade

Bastard Noise’s contributions are almost stunning in their nimble, fleet-footed vileness. Drums and bass are pushed far to the fore, creating a deconstructed-funk/doom hybrid, with mountains of percussion shifting like the desert sands, undercut every step of the way by pathologically evil serpentine vocals and understated spurts of electronic weirdness. Grindcore and post-rock and musique concrete [...]

Black Tambourine – Black Tambourine

Black Tambourine called it a day way too quickly. But we can still drink (listen?) deeply of the small but mighty body of work they left behind — this album collects EVERYTHING, official releases, demos, and some hitherto unreleased tracks, six from the archives and four new songs from a very recent one-off recording session, [...]

Casual Victim Pile

It’s no surprise then that Austin has a thriving and diverse local music scene. To that end, Matador Records has taken the plunge and collected their cream of the local crop together for this regional comp, in the vein of such albums as Flex Your Head,Hell Comes To Your House<, and This is Boston, Not L.A.. Now [...]

Damon and Naomi – 1001 Nights

Ah to be Damon and Naomi. The couple of Damon Krukowski (guitars, vocals) and Naomi Yang (vocals, keyboards, bass) came to fame in the early ’80s as rhythm section with the turbulent, Velvets-influenced indie trio Galaxie 500. Since that unit’s stormy breakup has carefully shunned whatever spotlight Galaxie 500 was on the verge of — [...]

Big Pink – Easter Show

The twosome of Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell (with help from a shifting collective of collaborators, including members of Sunn0)) and Pre) released the fuck-yeah-wondrous album, “A Brief History of Love,” late last year. It’s a darkling mix of the Stone Roses, Jesus and Mary Chain, shoegazer stormclouds and electro-violence like the Horror’s stellar “Primary [...]