Inferno – Black Devotion

Bursting out of the Czech Republic (love it!), Inferno crafts bruising, physically-imposing black metal akin to psychic soul brothers like Gorgoroth, Watain, and Immortal. The guitars are huge and not averse to a headbanging frenzy here and there (though not particularly beholden to thrash conventions), the drummer really shows me something, and the vocals have [...]

Neon Indian Live

There are growing pains, unfortunately. Neon Indian slammed headlong into the maxim (also known as the Nirvana Dilemma) that the bigger your audience gets, the more boneheaded fans you get. This really creepy dickhead kept yelling at the keyboard player until he got escorted out, and two completely trashed-out girls went all lastnightsparty and keep [...]

Medication – This Town

There is nothing shoegazey about the music that Mikey Hyde of the sleepy burg of Milford, Conn., makes as Medication. Nor is it fair to immediately throw it into the lo-fi bin along with sensitive souls like Lou Barlow, Bill Callahan, and John Davis. Hyde’s (get it?) use of tape hiss and feedback is a [...]

Aosoth – Ashes of Angels

France is becoming quite the hotbed for boundary-crushing black metal, and though Aosoth doesn’t quite have the finger on the batshit-crazy button with the same intensity as, say, Deathspell Omega, they definitely impress on Ashes of Angels. Brainchild/hobby of Antaeus front man MKM (surely that stands for something supremely evil), Aosoth mixes black-metal’s slate gray [...]

Dance Of Days by Mark Anderson

There were downsides to this subculture/movement. There was elitism and cliqueishness both unconscious and conscious. Artsy acts like Fire Party and Black Market Baby felt that they were snubbed and robbed their rightful place in the DC Scene by the Dischord faction (a criticism, incidentally, that could be leveled at this very book). The gang [...]

MV & EE – Barn Nova

The prolific MV & EE hew a path somewhat similar to Brightblack Morning Light and Charalambides, only they’re less frazzled than the former and a little more conscientious in the service of song than the latter. And yet this ain’t slick by a damn country mile: Barn Nova takes a few listens to fully digest [...]

An Interview With Moon Duo

I love the Christmas music that you have released for the last couple of years in both Moon Duo and Wooden Shjips, what made you decide to do that? Was it just for fun, or do you have sort of a nostalgic fondness for the source material? It’s partly nostalgia, but also because it’s fun. [...]

Moon Duo – Escape

Johnson and Yamada take as their holy texts albums by Suicide, Spacemen 3, and Jesus and Mary Chain. There’s no denying it — their forebears’ sunglasses, violence, and fuzzbox pulsebeats loom large but Moon Duo adds enough of its own personality to keep the music new. Escape hosts four sprawling, menacing, mantric tracks that you never [...]

Hellbastard – Eco-War, The Need To Kill

British crust/metal/crossover pioneers Hellbastard, along with fellow travelers like Amebix and Concrete Sox, were the missing link between first-wave UK Hardcorepunk (Crass, etc) and early British grindcore. But whereas Amebix are now de rigeur patch fodder for the discerning squatter, Hellbastard never got the same due. Hopefully that’s all about to change with this recent [...]

Die Hard – Nihilistic Vision

I figured with the band photo — a bunch of shirtless, long-haired, be-bulleted dudes under deep red lighting — that this outfit would be called something like Deathvomit or Salgoloth or somesuch. So I appreciate the thought that went into it. And the beginning gambit of Nihilistic Vision chants of “Hail Satan” underlaid by guitar [...]