Black Breath – Razor to Oblivion

Redolent of gas-huffing speedfreaks like Motorhead, Mudhoney, Judas Priest, and early Celtic Frost, Razor to Oblivion is a mess of distorted knife-edge thrash guitar, ridiculously downtuned bass, landmine drumming, and raw-throated vocal threats more suited to black metal. It’s a grand fucking disaster, old thrash riffs get into three-car pileups with desert boogie, dirty-ass punk, and [...]

X-Ray Spex – Live @ the Roundhouse London 2008

Kicking off strong with the still-fiery “Oh Bondage Up Yours,” the band speeds through a greatest-hits set. Twenty songs (!) worth, including such still-topical social critiques as “Warrior in Woolworths,” “Genetic Engineering,” “I Am A Cliche,” “The Day the World Turned Day Glo,” “Identity”… man, this stuff is still inspirational. Yet there are some bum [...]

Gnaw Their Tongues – All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity

I’m not saying it was the “end of music” or anything that foolish, but it did certainly demonstrate that there is an endpoint to extremity. And that’s a shame because Netherlands-based mad scientist Mories is one of the stranger outsider voices in the scene today. Imagine a cross between Coil, Abruptum, Deathspell Omega, Stravinsky’s Rites of [...]

Low Anthem – Oh My God, Charlie Darwin

Lemme tell ya, it was like watching those early, holy, tentative clips of The Band performing live — back when they all cohabited at Woodstock — but that was, admittedly, long, long, ago, even before my time. No, here it was on The David Letterman Show a couple weeks back, the same searching, pure vibe, [...]

Harvestman – In A Dark Tongue

Harvestman is the alter ego of Neurosis’ Steve Von Till, a busy man these days, crafting his own personal, slightly deranged version of Walden covered in animal skins, bones, and sticky pine pitch. Harvestman is drained of aggression and anger, instead a melancholy idyll, a twisting and turning soundtrack for brooding under a bloated, orange [...]

KK Null – Oxygen Flash

It’s nigh impossible to imagine De Sadean noise neanderthal KK Null stripped of the guitar that he has artfully abused for over one million releases, solo, collaborations, and with his Motorhead id project, Zeni Geva. And yet, here is Oxygen Flash, a new solo record peopled with glitches, bleeps, skips, sine waves, and nary a [...]