Volcano Choir – Unmap

How can you follow up the wintry, isolationist heartbreak that seemingly burst out of Bon Iver’s debut album? How do you work up the courage for that second act? Willingly seek out heartbreak? Head back to the cabin? Wisely, Justin Vernon doesn’t even attempt such a thing. He’s avoided the damning weight of expectations with [...]

Brilliant Colors – Introducing

Brilliant Colors succeeds (where lesser bands fail) by dint of conviction, volume, and the serrated wonder in their joyous noise. Again, you know it well — thousand yard stare, icy female vocals, oddly out of time sense of poise in their execution (almost like Raincoats or Velvets), a frenzied stumble of drums and sheets of [...]

Rose Melberg – Homemade Ship

There are approximately several thousand young earnest singer-songwriters out there at any particular moment, heart on sleeve, doing (in practice) the exact same thing that Rose Melberg is doing, but for my money, there are so fucking few who do it as well as she does. In the mid-nineties, with the Softies and Tiger Trap, [...]

An Interview With Blacklist

Who are some of the bands that have influenced Blacklist? (I apologize if you’ve been asked this question ad nauseum, but any opportunity I have to hear someone rhapsodize about Scott Walker and Motorhead at the same time, I’m going to jump on it.) Fair enough! It’s definitely been an evolution. For me Scott Walker [...]

Eagle Twin – The Unkindness of Crows

For a music that bears such a bone-deep resemblance to so many facets of the blues (wailin’ about yer problems, dirt-caked one-string drone, sociopathic preoccupation with the contents of your navel), much modern doom metal is as stripped free of blues influence as first generation krautrock. Not so with Eagle Twin. The duo of Gentry [...]

Why I Love Christmas

Are you not feeling the holiday spirit yet? Curl up with the WHBQ Memphis Wrestling Christmas Special from 1976. Sublime! (via Classic Television Showbiz)

Cold Cave

Cold Cave Love Comes Close Matador Records What happens when you lock a bunch of hardcore and noise musicians in a room? They make gothic music, of course! I unreservedly love Cold Cave. Wesley Eisold (formerly of American Nightmare), with assistance from Caralee McElroy (Xiu Xiu) and Dominick Fernow (Prurient), bashes out primitive, insanely catchy, [...]

Arrington De Dionyso – Malaikat Dan Singa

Arrington is more powerful and untrammeled of a vocalist than ever, employing a recent rudimentary knowledge of Indonesian (learned to impress a girl — natch) for his lyrics, shouted joyfully at the top of his lungs, screaming, growling, calling to prayer, prophesying from the mount, throat singing, and when even that fails him, he picks [...]

An Interview With Arrington De Dionyso

When you are performing, what sort of thoughts are going through your head, what are you feeling? In that moment… There’s a lot of variability according to the venue or the situation or the people that are there. I make a really big effort to try to play in venues where people are really going [...]

WHY? – Eskimo Snow

Rhymes have been jettisoned for a plaintive yowl that resembles solo Ed Sanders, the two Johns in They Might Be Giants, and Kurt Wagner from Lambchop. The minimalist live instrumentation from Josiah Wolf, Doug McDiarmid, and Austin Brown is steeped in indie pop like Pavement and Silver Jews and the old weird baroque of Van [...]