The Penelope[s] – Priceless Concrete Echoes

A younger coworker pricked up his ears when I was playing this record at my desk. “This is going to be the next big jam,” he assured me. I think the kid might have a point. The Penelope[s] take the big electro moves that are being joylessly worn out by the likes of M83 and [...]


Dolly Parton Dolly Sony Legacy For such an unquestioned titan of country music, Dolly Parton has been ill-served by major labels. Only a handful of her classic early albums are in print, she’s been the victim of far too many substandard greatest-hits grab bags, and most of her 80s and 90s work is unavailable. Is it any wonder that she’s [...]

Sweet Tweets, Vol. 2

So how long until the rug is pulled out from under me? Second Post: Afro-pop songs by a blind Malian couple never sounded so good! Find Amadou & Mariam’s “Welcome To Mali” at the library!

Broken Hipster v. 2

Broken Hipster Vol. 2 By Emiko Badillo If I hadn’t been cataloging this zine for the collection, I may well have never have read it. (I usually avoid things with the word “hipster” in the title.) I’m glad I didn’t miss out on this one. Broken Hipster is a comic perzine from Emiko Badillo, and details [...]

Precious Metal

Their list is the stuff of teenage delinquent dreams, including such essential spazz-bursts and depresso-dirges as Sleep’s Jerusalem, Darkthrone’s Transylvanian Hunger, Carcass’ Necroticism (SAVVY choice), Eyehategod’s Take as Needed for Pain, and Obituary’s Cause of Death (savvy choice, II). Though I have to salute the wisdom of writers who chose Carcass’ earth-shaking album Necroticism over [...]

You Weren’t There

You Weren’t There: A History of Chicago Punk 1977-1984 Punk in America was a much more geographically and sonically diffuse affair than in little London town. You Weren’t There follows the growth of a small, tight-knight scene nestled in the hard-rockin’ Midwest that gave us influential acts like Naked Raygun, BIG BLACK, Articles of Faith, [...]

Girls Girls Girls

Girls Album True Panther Sounds Rarely does music this full-throated and joyous cross my desk and not immediately turn my stomach. It’s in the way that the second verse of “Lust for Life” (NOT the Iggy Pop song) explodes to full technicolor life with humming organ, handclaps, harmonica, and doo-do-do-doos like the Jam’s cover of [...]

Sweet Tweets, v.1

Posting to the Library’s Twitter about new music arriving. Not sure why they wanted me to do it. First Post: Lost Classics: White Noise “An Electric Storm” now available at the Library! (What a strange interface.)

I Love You – Bell Ord Forest

It was weird, man, I was looking at the back cover of this album — a blurry, garishly-colored onstage shot of the I Love You duo of Justin Randel and Charlie Mylie kneeling down in front of an array of archaic electronics, drenched in sweat, with one guy looking back at the camera with a [...]

The Heart Star

Heart Star: Ghosts of Gohio Book 1 by Christoph Meyer Heart Star is a gorgeously sad one-off zine from Christoph Meyer, who you should also know from Twenty-Eight Pages Lovingly Bound With Twine. It epitomizes what’s good about mini-comics of this nature; the diminutive size inversely proportional to the quality of personal storytelling and individual [...]