Talking To The Weather Bird

What was the moment for you when you realized that jazz was the music that you wanted to cover? When I listened to Armstrong’s 1928 recording of “Basie Street Blues,” I was so profoundly moved by it. I’d grown up with music, and my favorite piece was the “Mass in B Minor” by Bach and [...]

Legendary Pink Dots Interview

Are you always trying to search out new bands, new writers, new artists to keep turning you on? Do you think that’s an essential… Yeah! Sure! Finding new music is really important to me. It’s there, that’s the beauty of it. I’m desperately trying to hunt down this album that I just heard by chance [...]

Lightning Dust – Infinite Light

Amber Webber and Josh Wells have decamped from Canadian noise collective Black Mountain to make infinitely more entertaining music with their duo project Lightning Dust. It’s a stealth album, Infinite Light is. It starts out with the perfectly pleasant and heavenly melancholy of “Antonia Jane,” all easy twang and warm piano, presided over by Webber’s [...]