Big Pink – Easter Show

The twosome of Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell (with help from a shifting collective of collaborators, including members of Sunn0)) and Pre) released the fuck-yeah-wondrous album, “A Brief History of Love,” late last year. It’s a darkling mix of the Stone Roses, Jesus and Mary Chain, shoegazer stormclouds and electro-violence like the Horror’s stellar “Primary Colours,” early Chemlab and Curve (yes, yes, yes). The album won plaudits from the likes of MOJO, Rolling Stone, and the famously fickle NME, and unlike so many hype bandits, The Big Pink actually lived up to the hyperbole.

Though they count amongst their supporters the likes of Klaxons and Lily Allen, Furze and Cordell are no social climbers or bandwagon jumpers. Furze worked with Alec Empire and Cordell ran the Merok label, home to Crystal Castles and Salem, prior to the band becoming their primary concern. And all that journeyman time paid off, “A Brief History of Love,” is the sound of a band in firm control of their sound, combining dark-purple clouds of dense electronics and guitar pedal roar with whipsmart, synthesized beats and pop savvy into instant anthems. The Big Pink have their cake and eat it too, indulging gleefully in big choruses, but almost just as happily sabotaging them with carefully manipulated guitar noise and walls of synth-damage that shakes your insides. “Dominoes” is incredible, the taunting, almost melancholy chorus of “These girls fall like dominoes….” overwhelmed by towering crests of fuzzed-out, eight-bit guitar and battering drums, the vocals a world-weary croak along the lines of Richard Ashcroft and Karl Hyde. “Crystal Visions” is like the inescapable whoosh of the future, Velvetsy-droning verses give way to a radio-ready chorus and then all of that is just obliterated by a storm of guitar rumble-and-scree that is somehow catchy as fuck. “Velvet” is epic like comets burning up in the atmosphere, lovelorn vocals melding to otherworldly, altered guitar and synth bursts. And that’s just a random sampling of the songs on a Brief History of Love.

Originally posted at Movement Magazine.

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